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Mobile Crane Services

Do you urgently need a crane to rapidly complete a construction project?

Hire the mobile cranes of CASEY CRANE HIRE in Cranbourne, VIC. They are ideal for quick jobs as well as working in tight spaces.

Why Hire a Mobile Crane?

Unlike tower cranes that take time to install and involve many procedures to operate, mobile cranes are rapidly and easily set up. Moreover, they are on wheels and can be easily displaced on the construction site to tend different lifting jobs.

CASEY CRANE HIRE offers a 24/7 mobile crane hiring service within the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. The company also provides experienced operators to assist with the job at hand.

Mobile cranes are easily set up

Mobile Crane Services Eastern Suburbs Melbourne
Mobile Crane Services Cranbourne VIC

Other Advantages of Mobile Cranes

Mobile cranes take up significantly less space than tower and crawler cranes. Mounted on wheels, they have multiple turning axles, making them the ideal option for construction sites with limited operating space. While smaller than other cranes, their advanced hydraulic systems enable them to lift heavy objects and materials to great heights.

The management and staff of CASEY CRANE HIRE have over 30 years of industry experience. Whatever the project, we have the required expertise to complete it on time.

Mobile cranes take up significantly less space than tower and crawler cranes

Why Choose Us?

  • Market leader with a high industrial profile
  • Able, happy and dedicated workforce
  • Always give top priority to safety
  • Honesty, integrity and professionalism
  • Caring and mindful of social and environmental factors
  • Total customer satisfaction

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